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Completed Tidy-Totes - using Standard Fabric Cuts*
Completed Tidy-Totes - (Standard Fabric Cuts*)
Price: $27.00

* Standard fabric cuts waste very little fabric and take less time to cut than fussy cut Tidy-Totes.

Completed Tidy-Totes - using Fussy Cut Fabrics**
Completed Tidy-Totes - (Fussy Cut Fabrics**)
Price: $29.00


** Fussy cuts happen when you intentionally lay out the fabric to get a
specific piece of a fabric pattern/design in the pin cushion and bag of the
Tidy-Tote. There is more labor for cutting fabric this way and there is also
a lot of wasted fabric using this process.

Tidy-Tote Kits
Does not include fabric or batting.

Tidy-Tote Kits
Price: $15.95

Tidy-Tote Refill Kits
Does not include instructions, fabric, or batting.
Tidy-Tote Refill Kits
Price: $7.95


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